Haiku Prompt: Unfettered at Last

Sister, where are you?
Did our brothers come greet you?
Did our parents smile?

Are you happy now?
Free from all earthly burdens?
Surrounded by love?

Did this surprise you?
The fast shift from life to death?
Or were you ready?

You seem closer now
No illness to separate
A thin veil away

Easter Day awaits
A rise after suffering
You have risen, too

Your spirit now soars
Free to visit me daily
Unfettered at last

Haiku Prompt: Spring Planting

New garden today

Herbs and vegetables for spring

Organic and fresh

Tomatoes and beets

Peppers, cucumbers and chives

Onions and parsley

Herbs all in one pot
Thyme, lemon grass, and basil
Plus oregano

Lemon trees nearby
Avocado trees in bloom
Peach tree with green fruit

Kumquats a bright orange
Meyer lemons bright yellow
Key limes a bright green

Rosemary and mint
Red and brown pomegranates
Orange trees with white blooms

Backyard full of food
Growing as natural as rain
Garden of Eden

Haiku Prompt: How I Spent My Day

Eight hours of work
Helping with research papers
One day of many

What connects Huck Finn
With Morrison’s Beloved
And Black Boy, as well?

Shared traits of heroes
Of Hemingway, Crane, Heller
Or anti-hero?

Tom Sawyer and Huck
Just boys on an adventure
Or symbols of hope?

Our founding fathers
White, self-serving elitists?
Why did they stay rich?

Most papers not done
Another day of working
To discern answers

This part of my work
Learning this information
Makes life much richer

Haiku Prompt: On the Road to Acceptance

Today I woke up
Constant thoughts of my sister
Sad from head to toe

A heavy feeling
Of loss mixed with nostalgia
Occupied my chest

I found my husband
Shared thoughts on why’s and how’s
Cried hard for a while

Then pulled my dog close
Ran my fingers through her fur
Cried a little more

Kubler-Ross would say
My grieving is right on time
Depression, one phase

Sister would tell me
“Acceptance is coming soon”
Then reach out her hand.

Haiku Prompt: The History of Dogs


Wolves transformed to dogs
One miraculous moment
Where did this happen?

Scientists believe
Singing dogs of New Guinea
The “mother” of dogs

Where do dogs come from?
Evolutionary leap
Once a savage wolf

Did humans tame them?
Or did the wolf turn itself?
How did the wolf change?

Some think wolves foraged
Hungry in ancient trash dumps
Scavenging for food

These new “protodogs”
Shifted suddenly in time
No need now to fight

Like Russian foxes
That shifted in just ten years
From wild to gentle

Dogs the first creatures
To be domesticated
So humans could love

Some cultures believe
Dogs have magical powers
Can heal suffering

Guard dogs play a role
Our ancestors kept them close
Dogs now everywhere

3000 years past
Dogs ate snow and seal blubber
Lived in the Arctic

Dogs can sense changes
Pulling sleds of Inuits
Traveling through snow

Dogs read emotions
And know exactly our needs
Following commands

Dogs have made the shift
Like wolves, they eye, stalk, chase, bite
Now they wait to bite

Herding not hunting
Performing tasks man can’t do
Critical to life

When the wolf transformed
Our lives were changed forever
Tugging at our hearts

Haiku Prompt: A Perfect Day

We drove the coast road
Sun glinting on blue water
Surfers atop waves

We headed inland
Our grove filled with orange blossoms
Sweet scents filled the air

At dusk we found wood
And built a roaring campfire
Hot dogs roasted brown

The curved moon was pale
Venus and Mars shone bright white
Stars filled the dark sky

We packed up the car
With food, coats and a tired dog
Started the trek back

Tailights guided us
Home on the crowded highway
Soft warm beds await

A perfect Sunday
Ocean, orange blossoms, campfire
April’s brand new start

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