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The Close of the Conference and the Celebration of a Birthday

The Story Circle Conference ended today and was absolutely wonderful. It was an opportunity to see old friends, make new ones and learn a lot about writing. I was sad to leave but happy to come and see my family, who had gathered for a barbecue. Here are some pictures of the gang.

Great Niece Aretta


Great Niece Brooklynn


Great nephew George


Cousins Enjoying a Sucker


The Annual Family Photo


Luna’s Birthday Bash

Luna’s 3rd birthday party was held today in a park near her home in Highland Park.  There was a bounce house, birthday cake, pizza and a pinata.  These pictures capture much of the afternoon activities; however, I now realize that most of the photos center on the pinata.  At least it’s possible to get a sense of the afternoon, which was relaxed and lots of fun.  I enjoyed all the friends of Sarah and Gregorio’s who came, plus several friends of Liz and Ron’s.  Plus, we had Natalie Schachar with us today, who hails from our own Sherman, Texas, but is here until June when she is moving to Mexico City for a journalism post. It was a lovely afternoon celebrating the beginning of a new year for our beloved little Luna.







Easter Day in Photos

This should pretty much say it all.

St. Thomas the Apostle, Fully Festooned


A portion of our motley crew of acolytes


One acolyte gone astray in search of Easter eggs


Auntie Liz and Luna at the Easter egg hunt


Luna’s happiest moment: Meeting the Easter Bunny with Auntie Rachael


                                     Luna and Ariel (Rachael’s Jewish boyfriend)                                         being very patient during a high Anglo-Catholic Mass

FullSizeRender (13)

Rachael and Luna receiving Communion from Canon Ian Elliott Davies.

FullSizeRender (14)

Grandma arrives with the wine.  We are conferring whether Luna should have a sip.  We concluded not until her mom and dad give their approval.

Auntie Liz, Luna, Grandma and the Easter Bunny after church


                                     Ray, Jared, Liz, Rachael, and Luna back at home,                                                   sprawled out on the front lawn with Cordelia and Frankie,   enjoying the sun.


An absolutely lovely day.

Photos at the Orange Grove

Our friend Jared Tredway took some photos when we were last up in Ojai for a camping trip. These were taken before other family members arrived so not everyone is included, but they are sweet so I wanted to share them. Here is a glimpse at what Jared saw when he was there with us, our two grandchildren and our dogs.

Auntie Rachael with Nico


Ariel, Auntie Rachael and Nico


Luna Telling Her Mama Something Important


Grandma, Nico and Frankie






Nico’s Hand


Thank you, Jared, for these wonderful photos.  They capture our time in Ojai perfectly.

The Magic Flute Tonight – A Completely Unique Production

Ray and I were the lucky recipients of tickets to see Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute, tonight at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. This rendition was staged as a silent movie with graphics that flashed on a huge screen on the stage. The performers appeared via doors that swung open and closed for their solos. This was a completely different approach to opera than I have ever seen. The graphics that were projected on the screen were vivid and engaging and certainly kept my attention. The production was picture perfect as were the voices. Quite an evening. Since we are not regular opera goers, it was eye-opening that opera can stray from the standard form. That was fun to see.

Here is the link to the LA Times review for more information:

Much thanks to our friend, Jano, for these great tickets.  We missed you!  You could have worn whatever you felt like for this event, my dear, since the hall was filled with folks wearing everything from evening gowns to rumpled blue jeans. Again, thank you for this gift.

Here are a few pictures from the evening at the former home of the Oscars.

Outside Dorothy Chandler Pavilion


Another View Outside


Inside at the pre-performance talk


From our seats up in the balcony


An example of the graphics


Gold sparkled column inside


Enormous chandeliers


My Last 24 Hours: Sweet Fun

Thank you all so much for those sweet birthday wishes. What a treat to hear from so many people near and far, friends old and new. This is the best part of Facebook, the connection to others and I am grateful. So consider yourselves much appreciated.

We have been up in Ojai with Luna since yesterday evening. Just returned home after dropping her back at her house so she could reunite with Sarah, Gregorio and Nico. Here is our time together in pictures.  Let me just say we had a lot of fun with our beloved sweet peas.

Nico and Grandpa Having a Snuggle Yesterday


Luna Admiring her Tooth-brushing Technique at the Orange Grove


Grandpa, Luna and the Dogs Getting Settled for the NightIMG_1735

Orange Juice Time This Morning

Scaling the Big Gravel Mountain

Fun at Ventura Beach. IMG_1843

Water and Mud Fun


Sand Fun


Milk Drunk Nico with Mama This EveningIMG_1851

Hope you are having a good evening, folks.  I will be checking back in tomorrow.