A Little Too Much Computer Time

I have been stuck in front of my computer for hours today.  First with eBay, which was fine since I always enjoy learning; then with my online class, which is also fine, since I love reading everyone’s writing; and finally writing a feature story for the Story Circle Network Journal, which again is fine because it’s about my beloved Madison Stingray who is ending her time as social media intern with SCN so she can go off to study at Cambridge.  All great things, but dang it, I am tired of staring at a computer screen!

So, I will be making this a very short entry tonight, my friends.  My eyes are practically crossing.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I believe I’m going to get to see my kids and grandkids in the next day or two.  Yahoo!  Plus, tomorrow is the Breakfast Club and Sunday I’m sub-deacon at church. I hope too to work on my cushions for Ojai.

Off I go.  I’ll be talking with you again tomorrow.