The Wonders of YouTube for DYI Projects

I have joined the ranks of those who watch YouTube videos to learn how to do something new. In my case, I want to reupholster the cushions on our outdoor furniture at the orange grove. We already have the outdoor fabric.  It’s just a question of me getting a little guidance on the simplest method to sew up these new cushion covers. Imagine my delight when I discovered a YouTube video that took me through the process step-by-step, guided by a woman who seems to have stumbled upon YouTube as a place where she can share her decorating expertise.  Excellent!

Ray has been using these instructional videos for a while now.  When the repairman came to fix the belt on our ancient (but trusty) Maytag dryer to the tune of almost three hundred dollars (the dryer is no longer worth that much), Ray instead ordered a replacement belt on Amazon for $11 and watched a YouTube video to learn how to tackle the problem areas.  Our dryer is now working like new.

He also has watched YouTube videos on car repair.

Who knew?

Today is a new day.