Ojai Day

Sorry I have been out of touch. The truth is our grandbabies spent Monday night with us, which resulted in Nico and me turning in around 8 pm.  I didn’t even consider getting back up.  Then yesterday, Ray and I drove to Ojai to our orange grove.  I am not quite sure why I was so worn out, but I fell asleep with my clothes on at 7 pm and only woke up once during the night long enough to change into my pjs and go straight back to bed.  Clearly, I needed sleep.

Today, we spent part of the day creating this lovely space where Sarah and Gregorio will be putting their pop-up trailer.  We have been discussing with them the need to have a little yard where the kids can play.  Here is the result.  Ray finally has a place to display some of his toys.


After so much walking today just around the orange grove, I am ready for bed.

I’ll write again tomorrow.  Sleep well.