A Bit of Art Today in Fort Worth

Here are some portraits photographed by Richard Avedon that are currently on display at the Amon Carter Art Museum in Fort Worth. Avedon was commissioned by the art museum in 1979 to take photographs that represented the “American West.” The photos he brought back were not exactly what the museum brass had expected and when 126 of his photos were displayed in 1985, the exhibition generated controversy.  Nevertheless, these were the people Avedon saw as representative of “The West” and this exhibition catapulted him into international fame.  I was struck by the beauty and truth these photos convey.

In addition, there is an exhibition at the Kimbell on architect Louis Kahn, who designed that gorgeous museum.  I found it fascinating to learn about one of the premier architects of the 20th century.  Here is a link to information on that exhibition: http://kahn.kimbellart.org/.

I would highly recommend both of these exhibitions.  They are well worth a trip to Fort Worth.

This is just a sampling of photos I thought were especially interesting at the Avedon exhibition:

Roberto Lopez, Oil Field Worker
Peggy Daniels, Cashier
Bubba Morrison, Oil Field Worker
Cotton Thompson, Maintenance Man, Fort Worth Fat Stock Show
Myrna and Claudia Sandoval, age 18 and 14
Jesus Cervantes and Manual Heredia, Bexar County Jail

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