My Little Grandson, Nico

I would like to go on record that I am absolutely in love with my little grandson, Nico.  What a sweet little fellow he is with his big wide grin and happy disposition.  He is a mover and shaker and overall excellent little brother to his big sister, Luna, who can squirt him in the face with a rubber duckie during bathtime and receive a giggle rather than a scowl in return.  He is low-key and relaxed with a quick smile and a complete love of people.  If he hears people talking in the other room, then he needs to go check it out. He toddles off to see the dogs too and loves to pet both Cordie and Frankie.

I noted when Luna was born that she had a keen sense of hearing, which remains the case.  Loud music or sounds bother her; soft music or voices soothe her.  Nico has a keen body sense. He walked very early, climbs with ease and is steady as a rock on top of couches, chairs, hassocks and even tables. He loves to keep moving or when being held, he wants you to keep moving. No sitting around for him.  When we took the dogs for a walk the other night, Nico (age 15 months) literally ran the entire way.  (That was with me blocking the street and rushing after him when he headed up people’s sidewalks to their front porches.) He was slightly out of breath when we returned home, but happy as he could be.  Yes, we may have a little athlete on our hands.

I remember when Luna was born, I burned up the pages of Facebook and this blog with photos of her. I have been less inclined with Nico probably more because I have been busier, but also because I am a bit more judicious about splashing a zillion photos of my grandkids online.  Still, little Nico deserves his own tribute.  He is a darling little boy who is bringing much joy to me and the whole family.

Thank you, Sarah and Gregorio, for providing us with another wonderful human being to love.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.

Here are a few photos of Nico just for the fun of it:

My favorite of Nico and me


About a month ago


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