Photo Essay of Labor Day in Ojai

Despite a trip to Urgent Care by me on Saturday for a bacterial infection, Ray and I managed to go up to Ojai this weekend for a family gathering.  The doctor prescribed two forms of antibiotics and told me to rest.  The kids, grandkids and Ray took good care of me so that I could enjoy our time together and recuperate.

These pictures should pretty much tell you all you need to know about our time there.

l and r
Liz and Ron
n, r, l, a, f
Nico, Rachael, Luna and Ariel
a, n, r
Ariel, Nico and Rachael
l and l
Liz and Luna
r, a, l, s, g, 2
Rachael, Ariel, Luna, Sarah and Gregorio
ron, liz, kevin, nico and luna
Lune, Kevin, Ron, Liz and Nico


len ray kids dogs
Ray, Nico, Cordelia, Len, Luna and Frankie

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.  I hope your holiday weekend was a good one.

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