A Gift in the Mail Today

Today when my husband was checking the mail he said, “Looks like you actually got a piece of personal mail.  How often does that happen these days?”

I took the small envelope from him and recognized the sender’s name, Nancilynn, one of my Story Circle Network Circle-6 writing sisters.  How nice, I thought, for Nancilynn to send me something.

When I open the card that read “Inspire” on the front, here’s what was written inside:

Dear Len,

Just a note to tell you how much you mean to me.  I truly enjoy writing in circle with you and your writing blog is a very delightful way to begin my day. It inspires me to pay more attention to life around me and you bring Joy to my world!  With great admiration and much love!


What Nancilynn couldn’t have known when she wrote her card was at the very moment that I opened it I was feeling a little discouraged.  I sometimes feel that I barely offer much of anything in my blog except to once again talk about feeling tired at the end of another busy day.  To hear that I actually inspire someone with my writing felt as if she had stretched her arms all the way from Austin just to pull me close for a moment and give me a reassuring squeeze.  I will admit I got a little teary.

Our little Circle-6 writing group is a close bunch.  We work hard to all meet together every two years at the Stories of the Heart memoir conference and our circle was honored this past April for having the most members present at the conference.  In our internet writing group, we share stories about our losses, our challenges, our mistakes and all the good things in our lives too. We give each other encouragement, virtual high 5’s and even those big long distance hugs that came today via snail mail.  I feel happy to count these women among my friends.  They  – Nancilynn included – inspire me just as I somehow manage to inspire back.  They bring Joy into my life as well.

Thank you, Nancilynn, for taking the time to let me know that my writing has touched  you.  I can’t tell you how much that means to me.  It’s easy to get discouraged in this writing life and it’s amazing how far a little encouragement can go in keeping the creative flame burning.

Today was a day when I needed that hug.  What a gift to have received it through the mail.

I am most grateful.

Nancilynn's Card





13 thoughts on “A Gift in the Mail Today”

  1. What a great reminder to acknowledge someone special in your life. Your daily 20 minutes are an inspiration and I appreciate all you do for Story Circle. Sometimes I’m too tired to write or comment but I always look forward to checking out your day..

      1. Good for you for being proactive, Len. A diabetic way of eating, I have found, is all-round healthy for everyone. (It’s our carrot-cakes and sticky buns that can get me in trouble.) Oh, and those hand made tortilla chips…. All the best!

  2. Thank you, Len. It is nice to get something in our mailbox besides routine advertising circulars or an occasional bill. The joy was mine to share.
    Thank You!!!

  3. What a lovely, thoughtful experience, Len. Something to keep and pull out on those days……..
    The immediacy and ease of the internet is great but somehow getting something by “snail mail” is so much more pleasing and satisfying. Lucky you!

  4. Len,
    You needn’t worry about the inspiration you provide to those that cross your path in the areas of life that are mutually relevant. On behalf of my whole family, thank you for your time today.

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