Finally Arrived!

We made it to our Texas home late this afternoon. Hooray. Since arriving, we have visited with my childhood friend from Bonham (currently living in NY State), Charlotte Watson, and with our old friends here, Darrah Dunn and Shann Schubert in their new “old” house. What a lovely way to begin our stay here in the Lone Star State.

The dogs are running from room to room, getting re-acquainted with this big Victorian; Ray is currently walking from room to room, winding clocks.

Earlier this evening, Charlotte and I ran out for a quick bite to eat at MG’s Restaurant (Ray chose to stay home), and as a result I have already had my first taste of really good fried okra. That was worth the drive, right there. Darrah and Shann said MG’s also has excellent fried zucchini.

At this point, I am feeling exceedingly tired. Even though we stretched out our 1500 mile road trip to several days, there is a certain road weariness that simply comes with the trek.
I am looking forward to lying in bed and hearing the whistle from the nightly train. That sound brings a sense of comfort, and I don’t expect it to take too long for me to fall asleep.

I hope you all had a good day with either a visit with good friends or some tasty food.

I’ll look forward to checking back in with you tomorrow, hopefully, a good deal more rested.

Until then…


6 thoughts on “Finally Arrived!”

  1. It’s great to know you chose to come back from NYC. Love that house…there is such a charm to those wrap-around porches in our home town. Toni Fite Hancock

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