Simple Tasks: My Daily Favorites

A list of my favorite activities on any given day in no particular order:

1) Taking a bath
2) Drinking lots of chai tea
3) Listening to music – classical, country, jazz, folk, etc.
4) Perusing Facebook
5) Taking my dogs for a walk
6) Fixing food
7) Taking a road trip
8) Writing my blog
9) Working on my Work-in-Progress
10) Seeing family members (children, in-laws, grandchildren, etc.)
11) Seeing friends
12) Watching intelligently written television shows/movies
13) Communicating with my online friends and students
14) Working with/hanging out with my husband
15) Being at the orange grove
16) Reading a favorite book and/or different news articles.
17) Praying/Focusing on being in the now
18) Laughing
19) Doing something new and different.
20) Crawling into a freshly made bed.

favorite-things (1)

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