The Results from My Fitness Trainer

I am sitting in my den and it is 9:02 pm. My goal is to go to bed as soon as I am done here. One thing my wrist UP2 (fitness tracker) is letting me know is that I am not getting enough sleep. This past week I often only got 5 – 6 hours of sleep a night. That is the reason I feel perpetually tired at the moment, I suppose. I am not aware I am getting that little sleep, but that is what is recorded on my fitness tracker. I go to bed late and get up early, night after night. Clearly I need to alter this situation. Tonight is the first night to start doing that.

I am also seeing that I take lots of steps when in Texas or in Ojai, but many fewer here at home in LA. Here I often see students or work online with my classes and I am not up and walking. In Texas, just navigating through that big house adds steps all day long. Here the kitchen is right next to the room where I teach and the bathroom is right down the hall. Even walking the dogs around two big city blocks will not get me near 10,000 steps. I would need to walk them at least 3 times to get up to where I need to be. I can now see that I’ve got to get up and out on a routine basis during the day.

On that note, I’m heading upstairs. I hope to be asleep by 10. I feel certain once I get into bed, I won’t have any trouble sleeping tonight.

I’ll check back in with your tomorrow.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep for all.


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