Back in LA, Safe and Sound

Yesterday afternoon we arrived at 5:30 in Pasadena and headed directly over to our daughter Sarah’s house to see her and – of course – our grandchildren. Nico just turned five weeks (born January 13) and Luna will be 3 on April 4th. As an extra bonus, our daughter Liz was visiting and before the evening was over, our daughter Rachael came to visit, too. Gregorio was in Tijuana for an archeological business meeting and wasn’t due to arrive home until late. I’m not certain where Liz’s boyfriend Ron was. We all ate dinner together and chatted. And laughed. It’s easy to laugh when we are together with our girls.

We will head back over on Monday afternoon for a followup visit with just Sarah and the kids. Sarah was sick all last week, as was Luna, with a high temperature and cough. Poor babies. They are on the mend, but still moving a little slow. Luna greeted me with the words, “I’m a little bit sick.” Sarah rolled her eyes. “I think that might be a slight overstatement at this point.” Whatever the case, everyone was definitely feeling much better than they had. It sounds as if half of LA and most of Texas has had the same ailment that Ray was suffering from. I keep thinking I better double up on my Vitamin C.

The dogs are back home after their cross-country travels. They are on hyper-alert for some reason and are barking every time someone walks by and happens to be chatting. It’s a beautiful day so there have been several people who have walked past. Boy oh boy. Now Cordie is barking to let me know it’s time for supper. They eat at 5, but it’s only 4 and she started pestering me at 3. I suppose it’s possible she’s still on Central Standard Time!

I am tired. Twenty-four hours of driving is a long drive, particularly when the return trip is done within a week. Still, I am happy we are safely home. That’s always a good feeling.

I hope you all are having a good Saturday. If you’re very lucky the weather where you are is as pretty as it is here. If not, well, get an extra quilt and get cozy on the couch.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.

Until then, have a little fun.

Little Nico


Luman, Nico and Luna


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