Grants, New Mexico

We are headed back to CA on I-40. We are spending the night in Grants and will hopefully make it to LA in time tomorrow to go see Sarah, Luna and Nico (Gregorio is working late tomorrow). I believe Rachael may be there, too.  (Not sure about Liz and Ron.)

The trouble is it is almost midnight and I am wide awake. I must have had too much coffee. We are getting up super early to drive and I am the primary driver. Ray drives some, but I drive a lot.

The television is on an infomercial for a dancing workout. It sounds like fun. Maybe that’s the route to my ever-elusive exercise program.

The dogs and Ray are sacked out. I suppose I better take a shower and get settled. It will be a long day tomorrow if I’m tired.

It’s quiet here. That’s good.

I hope you all have had a good day. I have enjoyed the wide open vistas on this route. So pretty. More to come tomorrow.

Sleep well, my friends. I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.



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