Today in Texas

Quiet evening at home. So nice. Reading a cozy mystery written by one of my writing friends. Her review will soon appear right here on this blog.

We had great success today with renters. The small apartment upstairs and the cottage out back have been rented by two women who seem authentic and trustworthy. Hooray. We can now go back to CA and not worry that our house is unoccupied. No need to worry if their presence will make us feel crowded. Plenty of room in this big ole Victorian. We have the entire downstairs, which would be spacious for five people much less the two of us. We are delighted to know that people are on the property daily and enjoying this lovely house.

We are having a wonderful visit here in Texas. If I didn’t know better I would think we were in late April or early May. It is a pleasure to be outside. So different than two years ago when we were here during one of the worst ice storms ever recorded here. I’ll take this weather any day. Many think winter is still on its way, just slow in getting here. I guess we’ll see.

We have loaded up antiques from our storage here to take back to LA to sell there. We took the antiques we brought to sell here up to the antique mall and they are already on display. We also brought woodworking projects for our friend and co-worker, Darrah Dunn, and those are now in the shop in the barn. Slow but sure we are meeting our goals. We are around a bit longer before heading back on Thursday. A short time here for such a long road trip, but we have obligations (and grandbabies) pulling us back to LA.  We hope to return in the not-too-distant future.

I hope you all are doing well tonight. A good book can certainly make for a lovely evening.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.

Cottage Interior

Little House Main View

Small Apartment Interior



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