A Good Day Here at Lyon House

The weather here in North Texas is spring-like with a light breeze and a warm (but not hot) sun. I woke up this morning to birdsong outside my window. Flowers are blooming. People here say winter so far has been mild. Everyone seems to have a spring in their step. I can understand why.

It feels as if we have seen half the people we know in Sherman today. We have had a steady stream of visitors in addition to the people who have come to see the upstairs apartment and the cottage out back that we’re renting. Then we headed up to the antique mall (four blocks away) where we have two booths and saw a whole host of other people we know, our fellow antique dealers. A nice homecoming. Also, the beauty of a small town.

I am very happy to be here in our big Victorian. This house feels so solid and peaceful. Can a house feel peaceful? It produces a peaceful feeling, maybe that is a more accurate description. Whatever the case, it is lovely to be here. A treat.

The best news is that we may get very lucky in terms of new renters. We have already met several great candidates and have our fingers crossed that by tomorrow we will have two signed leases. That would be awfully nice since that’s one of our primary purposes for being here.

On that note, I’ll close. I hope you have had a good day, my friends. I also hope the weather is good wherever you are or rather that you are enjoying the weather wherever you are. I have friends in several states who might be a bit cold tonight. Throw another log on the fire and bundle up.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.

It’s not this green yet, but will be in about a month. ¬†Nevertheless, this is a great photo of our beloved Lyon House.


3 thoughts on “A Good Day Here at Lyon House”

  1. Such a gorgeous, graceful old home! Enjoy!! I’m sure you’ll find just the right tenants for this lovely spread. Sun melting the ice here today after the storm last night. Another day home. Your world there seems surreal when I look out my window. Enjoy!!!

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