Preparing to Travel

Ray and I decided that starting tomorrow for Texas made more sense than dashing around all day today in some mad rush to leave by early evening.  We have business to attend to, but not on such a rigid schedule that we are forced to push ourselves into some preconceived plan of action. Instead, we’ve been working on our preparations today with calmness and will head out sometime in the morning.  This is one of the benefits of age perhaps.  We are calmer than we used to be or else not so tied to our own or our kids’ schedules that required being somewhere at a specific time.  Liberation.

I have work to do on the road for my online class as well as a few other writing assignments I need to complete.  I think I can make that happen just fine.  I hope that’s the case; however, once on the road I often find it a little hard to break open the computer and stare at the screen like I do at home.  Instead, I’m inclined to gaze out the window at the landscape I haven’t seen since our last drive to Texas.  That’s been a while at this point. I’m trying to remember when that was.  Hmmm.  This is February.  I think that was back in September.  We went one more time just before Thanksgiving, but we flew that time.  So, yes, I think it’s been at least five months and on that trip we flew to Texas and then drove the van back to CA.  Alas, it’s been much longer since I’ve seen the sites on the CA to Texas route!  I will have to exercise discipline to get my work done, but I expect I can figure that out.  I guess I’ll just have to.

The only downside to this trip is that we are not having a visit with Luna and Nico before we go.  Grandpa’s deep cough put the kibosh on our planned visit and then it turned out that Luna was already sick with a high fever and her own cough.  Alas, we don’t need the mingling of germs for anyone’s sake, particularly baby Nico’s, so we’ll have to wait to see our little sweet peas upon our return.  That just goes with the territory, I suppose. Still, it’s hard to leave town without a kiss on those soft cheeks.

I will close now since I hope to go to sleep ASAP so I’ll be rested in the morning.  Last night our corgie, Cordelia, was restless and kept pacing back and forth on our hardwood floor. The tap, tap, tap of her nails on the floor kept waking me up and after two trips downstairs and outside to see if she needed to pee or poop, she finally settled down.  Not the best night’s sleep, I might say, but I am hopeful tonight is better.

Sleep well, my friends.  I hope your day went well and you are snug in your beds at this point with eyelids gently closing.  One of life’s great pleasures is a good night’s rest.  I think I’ll go and see if I’m going to enjoy that gift tonight.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.



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