A Bit of This and That

Ray is on the mend. No fever today though still coughing. Still, he feels much better.

Preparing for the Texas drive. Wrapping up details for a week away feels endless. Hopefully, all will fall together tomorrow so we can drive off with ease. I believe it will. Just tired right now.

Went to church tonight for Ash Wednesday. Beautiful mass. Off we go for the forty days. Did my reading today as I pledged. Not a tough thing to do. Just have to get into the habit.

This is a short post since I am feeling a bit weary at the moment. Juggling several balls in the air all day and now it’s time to put them down and lay my head on the pillow.

Hope your day went well. If you live in SoCal you might have had on shorts today like I did. Hard to beat summer weather in February.

Off I go.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.


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