Ailing Husband

I have a sick husband. The wind has been blowing from the east, bringing lots of allergens with it, and Ray has been complaining for the past two days about sinus-related headaches. This morning he woke up with a cough that had settled in his chest. “A productive cough,” he called it.

“Isn’t that good?” I asked. “Get it all out?”

“No,” he said. “I’m afraid this is when it settles in my chest and gets infected.”

Oh boy…

Ray has had bronchial problems since he was a little kid. “The gift of growing up with smokers,” he says. He was home from school a lot when he was little (ironic since that’s where the smoke was) with bronchial pneumonia and other breathing problems. His lungs are definitely his weak spot.

He’s upstairs in bed now with a slight temperature and a “productive” cough. He has Vick’s VapoRub smeared all over his chest.

He asked me not to be downstairs too long since he doesn’t feel well. I promised him this blog piece would be short and sweet.

I hope other Angelenos aren’t suffering with this same allergic response to the winds we’ve been having. I noted lots of coughing in church today and the symphony last weekend. I suspect Ray is not the only person holed up in bed right now.

I hope Super Bowl Sunday is treating you all well. I am heading upstairs now to be with my ailing husband.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.

sick man

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