Online Essay Class: Why You Should Take It

Hello to my women friends,

I am offering an online essay class that begins tomorrow through Story Circle Network, an organization that celebrates women’s writing. The price is right: $160 if you are a Story Circle Network member; $200 if you are not. This is for 5 weeks of lessons, with a chance to learn about and write a different type of essay every week. You get personal editing from yours truly and constructive feedback from your fellow students.

We will be using Dinty W. Moore’s book, Crafting the Personal Essay: A Guide for Writing and Publishing Creative Nonfiction. Dinty is a professor of Creative Nonfiction at Ohio University and his book is easy to read and gives great examples of different types of personal essays, such as memoir, contemplative, travel, food, nature, spiritual and humorous.

But why should you take this class? The primary reason is that it will give you a chance to write short pieces (nothing over 1200 words) about your life. It will give you a opportunity to put on paper experiences that you’ve always wanted to share, but just didn’t know how to communicate in a way that felt “right.” Dinty’s book helps take the fear out of writing and instead puts in the fun. Also, I am dedicated to helping my students feel safe in my classes so you will know that the atmosphere is encouraging and the feedback constructive. I have no desire to extinguish anyone’s creative flame.

So, if you’ve been leaning towards writing your thoughts down and need some guidance on how to do that in a coherent way, then this is your chance. No time like the present to jump in and get started.

Here’s the link to Story Circle Network. Tomorrow we begin. Come join us!

Here is the link to become a member of Story Circle Network:



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