My Last 24 Hours: Sweet Fun

Thank you all so much for those sweet birthday wishes. What a treat to hear from so many people near and far, friends old and new. This is the best part of Facebook, the connection to others and I am grateful. So consider yourselves much appreciated.

We have been up in Ojai with Luna since yesterday evening. Just returned home after dropping her back at her house so she could reunite with Sarah, Gregorio and Nico. Here is our time together in pictures.  Let me just say we had a lot of fun with our beloved sweet peas.

Nico and Grandpa Having a Snuggle Yesterday


Luna Admiring her Tooth-brushing Technique at the Orange Grove


Grandpa, Luna and the Dogs Getting Settled for the NightIMG_1735

Orange Juice Time This Morning

Scaling the Big Gravel Mountain

Fun at Ventura Beach. IMG_1843

Water and Mud Fun


Sand Fun


Milk Drunk Nico with Mama This EveningIMG_1851

Hope you are having a good evening, folks.  I will be checking back in tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “My Last 24 Hours: Sweet Fun”

  1. Sorry I missed your birthday. Please accept my belated wishes. I’m not online the way I used to be.
    Gorgeous pictures. Make me smile. Nico’s hair reminds me of my daughter when she was that small.


  2. Happy Belated Birthday wishes from me too, Len. I’m rarely on the computer lately cuz had a fall and broke a few bones…what a drag. I love seeing all your photos and especially of Luna and Nico. He certainly does have a nice head of hair for such a young one. Some infants are little baldies for quite a while. Wondering who he looks like. Those are big dogs you have! We have a big one, too. A white boxer with blue eyes. My son named her Claire because she looks just like your mother he said. haha

    1. Hey Marcy. Sorry to hear about your fall. That IS a drag! Nico definitely has a nice head of hair. I think he looks just like Luna, who is a good combo of Sarah and Gregorio. He seems to have my coloring so far. Claire, the boxer, who looks like your mother. Ha! Love it.

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