Still Pregnant

Hi, my friends. Yes, we are still waiting for baby Nico to decide it is time to make his appearance. We (all members of the family) are learning more about patience than anybody ever wanted to know , along with what life circumstances can and cannot be controlled. Alas, baby Nico is healthy and apparently quite happy in his current habitat. Who can blame him for holding out before entering the bigger world?

Sarah goes again to the doctor tomorrow for another ultrasound and a check. We will have a clearer picture perhaps after those visits.

We saw Sarah, Gregorio and Luna today. Life proceeds even though time is molasses-like. Lots of hanging out at this point.

I will certainly share the news once we have some to share. Until then, consider no news to be no news and/or good news.

I’ll check back in with you again tomorrow.

Until then, I wish you all a happy and restful evening.

Sarah and Nico


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