Hear, Hear to Uncertainty

The baby waiting continues. Onto other topics…

A very long day today. I am trying to get all my work done now so that I will be free for you-know-who when he decides it’s time to show his face. As a result, I am staying up too late tonight getting details handled before heading over to check in on Sarah in the morning. I have students all afternoon tomorrow and church tomorrow night – it is Epiphany after all – but, of course, all of that will change instantly if there is the least hint of ensuing labor.

Nothing like trying to second guess a hesitant little fellow who is clearly in no hurry.

At some point, I suppose I should take my Christmas tree down…

My mother would say that it should stay up until January 6th. I suppose I will operate from that logic. It might start looking a bit questionable, however, if it’s still up with the lights on by the end of January. I guess we’ll worry about that if it happens.

I hope you all are having a lovely first week of January. Despite my whining tone, I am actually just fine.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow. Unless, of course, I am busy. If I don’t check in, then you may conclude I am with someone doing something that I’ve been looking forward to. However, I will not be writing until late no matter what since I will be celebrating Epiphany if I’m not you-know-where.

Hooray for uncertainty. A good reminder that life operates at its own pace whether we like it or not.


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