Waiting Mode for Baby and Rain

Still no baby. Ray and I saw Sarah today and she looked great and said she felt better than she had in several days. We went for a walk together, and then she bounced on her yoga ball for a long time. We bought raspberry tea and I brewed her a cup. Raspberry is supposed to be good for spurring on labor. Alas, when we left her this evening, she looked all the world as if she could carry that baby indefinitely. As if maybe this was her new look – 9 months pregnant – and this was how is was going to remain.

Change is so strange. One minute you look/feel one way and then everything shifts, often just when you’d resigned yourself to the status quo.

That said, I have no clue when this baby will come. Tonight, tomorrow, two weeks from now. I guess we will simply see. In the meantime, Sarah seems to be doing well.

On other news, we are battening down the hatches for a big rain here in LA this week. Sand bags are stacked up in many flood areas along with temporary concrete walls. Here at home, we’ve made sure that we are rain-secure in the driveway and garage. Fire logs are standing ready once the rain hits so we can enjoy a fire in the fireplace.

The rain is due early tomorrow morning and lasting for the next four days.

I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are, dear reader.

I’ll give an update again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Waiting Mode for Baby and Rain”

  1. O.K., I blush to write this for all to see and perhaps you already are aware. When my clients went overdue, one bit of advice was… Orgasm will stimulate uterine contractions. Also be aware, nothing works if that boy is not ready to come. Janice

  2. Ha! I mentioned sex yesterday and Sarah got a pained expression on her face. I will pass this one, however. I do understand that our little grandson has his own clock going and will arrive exactly on his time!

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