Letter to My Grandson Who Is Lingering in the Womb

Dear Nico,

Grandma has had her hair cut today and her roots touched up in special preparation for your arrival. It is okay, you can come on now.

Your mom and dad have gotten everything ready for you. The crib is put together, your drawers are filled with new clothes and you even have a toy or two. So, it’s time, sweetheart, to get moving and come see all of that.

Your big sister has big plans for you. She is excited to hold you, change your diapers and watch Sesame Street with you. I know you will like her. I think it would be great if you decided tonight or tomorrow was the day to make her acquaintance.

Auntie Liz and Uncle Ron are out-of-town, but aren’t too far away.  They can get here as soon as they hear you’re on your way. Auntie Rachael still has a week off before she has to head back to law school. So, you can see this would be an excellent time to arrive since there are plenty of arms to cradle you.

Your abuela and abuelo and tios have the exact instructions to get to the hospital and they are just waiting for the phone call. I think it is only polite to hurry along so you don’t keep them waiting too long.

You have a whole host of relatives and friends in two countries who can not wait to see your face through the multitude of pictures that will be flying around the Internet once you are born. I know all those people will be extremely pleased for you to arrive as soon as you can.

I know I have my money on January 6th (the closest date still available by the time I got to choose) in the birthday pool, but I don’t mind being wrong. I think your mom is down for January 3rd and I can assure you that she will be very happy if she wins that nice little chunk of change.

What else might coerce you into making a major move? Let’s see. Grandpa is excited about seeing you. And so are our dogs, Cordie and Frankie. Of course, your mama might put the kibosh on Grandpa sneaking them into your house to see you right off, but it won’t be too long before they’ll get to spend lots of time with you.

Other reasons to hurry along?

I know you’re comfortable, but you won’t believe how cozy and happy you’re going to be when you get to snuggle with all the people who are lined up to love you. You will be surprised at the number.

How about coming on out so we can start the celebration?

Can’t wait to see you.

Love and lots of kisses.


pregnant belly

8 thoughts on “Letter to My Grandson Who Is Lingering in the Womb”

  1. What a lovely, imaginative piece, Len. I grinned all the way through to the end. Niko’s one lucky little guy!!!!

  2. Sounds like he might not be as accommodating as your Luna has been. You go, little guy — stir the folks up a bit! It’ll be a tough job but I’m thinking your just the fella to do it. And no, Len, it was not corney at all — delightfully imaginative. Your new year is off to a terrific start!

  3. Hi Len, This post is charming with a glimmer of humor. Well done! I loved it and I’m certain Niko will in the future!
    I am a former SCN student from awhile ago (I will see you in Apr). Best wishes to you. Bonnie

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