Why I Didn’t Post Last Night…

I worked 9 1/2 hours yesterday with one student on her college essays, which are due on 1/1. That is why I didn’t post last night. Today she will return at noon for what we hope is the wrap-up. I sincerely hope not to be working on New Year’s Day; however, I will if we don’t finish. That is part of the college essay writing/submission process and commitment .

Those essays, by the way, are poignant and inspiring and her schools: Princeton, Dartmouth, Vassar, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, etc. would be lucky to have this gifted young woman as a student. We will see. This is the tough part; knowing there are many students with equally high SAT scores, multiple community service experiences and beautifully written essays that are vying for the same few spots. Alas, we will see.

I have my fingers crossed that she will have a wide array of wonderful schools from which to choose. She is a jewel, after all.

I hope to write later with my New Year’s Eve post, but, just in case, let me wish you all a wonderful New Year. Here’s to savoring the moment, forgetting about troubles and laughing as much as possible.

Hear! Hear!

Hands typing on laptop keyboard.
Hands typing on laptop keyboard.

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