Friends’ Home Destroyed by Dallas Tornado: Please Help

I have learned that the home of two of my childhood friends, Sharon and Sandra Newton, was destroyed by the recent tornado that hit the Dallas area on December 26th. Sharon, Sandra and their husbands have lost everything. The good news is that they did find their cat this afternoon. Hooray for that wonderful discovery.

One of the greatest benefits of Facebook for me has been the chance to reconnect with my childhood friends. I come from a hometown of 7,000 people and my graduating class had 125 people in it. Sharon was one of those people. Her sister Sandra is a couple of years older. They only lived a few blocks from me while we were growing up. I played at their home many times when I was little. I have literally known these women for 60 years.

I saw both Sharon, Sandra and their husbands at our last all-school reunion, which was this past summer. They had just bought a house together – the house that was hit two days ago. They were all so pleased at the time that they had made this plan. They were happy to be near each other after Sharon and her husband had decided to move back from Colorado.

I am including here an article from the North Texas E-news that shows pictures of their devastated home and also gives an address where money and clothes can be donated. These people are honest, decent and in terrific need. Help if you can with whatever you can. Every bit will make a big difference to them as they face this ordeal together.

Not to pull any further on your heartstrings, but please be aware that Sharon has health issues that require her to be on oxygen much of the time and Sandra was admitted to the hospital today with elevated cardiac enzymes from the stress of this event. These are not people who would ever ask for anything. That is one reason why our hometown folks are rallying for them.

If you are able – no matter how small – please give. They need our help in their time of need. After all, what with earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters, this plea could be for any one of us.

Thank you so much. I’ll be checking back in with you all tomorrow.



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