Christmas Eve: Church and A Few Thoughts

I am writing early today because we are leaving in a few minutes to drop a friend at the airport, then go to Sarah’s to spend a bit of time before I leave to serve as the thurifer at the Family Christmas mass at St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood, which starts at 5 pm. (I have to be there by 4.) Ray is going to hang out with Sarah and family while I do this since he, Rachael, Liz, Ron, and his parents will be coming to Midnight mass, where I am also serving this evening. (Not surprisingly, our 9 month pregnant daughter and her family are electing not to join the Midnight mass crew.) Anyway, I thought it might make more sense to write now instead of at 2 am when we return from what I know will be a gorgeous Christmas celebration.

I wish you all well, my friends. I am grateful for your presence, kindness and love in my life and, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic, atheist, or something else I haven’t mentioned, please know I honor your belief or non-belief. My sense is that the universal truth is LOVE and I am holding you all close to my heart on the eve of the day that for me symbolizes that love.

Enjoy these next few days, whether with family or alone. The best news is that most of LA is gone so the roads are clearer and the weather promises to be lovely. For those of you in other places, these next few days are a great time to rest and relax. I suggest a series of good movies on Netflix or a wonderful book to read, but a hike might be nice or time in a bubbly bath. Whatever is your happy space. Spent time there just because you can.

I will be checking back in tomorrow.

Love to all.

St. Thomas, the Apostle Decorated for Tonight and Tomorrow


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