A Celebration for Our Soon-to-Arrive Little Grandson

My little grandson who is still in utero was honored on Saturday night with a baby shower. Friends of Sarah and Gregorio’s gathered at their home for a “Sausage Fest.” Gregorio cooked lots of different types of sausages for the 40+ people who were there, most of whom were friends and coworkers. I had the chance to meet several of the people Gregorio works with, which was nice to finally have a few faces to go with names. Also, I got a chance to chat with two of Sarah’s fellow residents and their significant others. Again, nice to finally be able to get to know these people I often hear described.

The party was far from a traditional shower. First of all, more than half the people there were men – not the norm for a “baby” shower, and second, the focus was on a celebration, not sitting around a circle while the mother-to-be opened gifts. Much more relaxed and fun than my idea of a traditional shower. (There may be lots of baby showers that are fun, but my experience is they are just a bit stiff.) It wasn’t that people didn’t bring gifts, they did; but the gift opening was reserved for those who requested Sarah to open his/her gift. That made it special for the person involved, but not boring for those who were not participating in the gift giving.

Luna’s parents have settled on a name for their second child. He will be called Nicholas Ignacio Pacheco Beaty and will go by Nico. Little Nico is due to arrive into this world around mid-January, though I believe his mother is hoping he will get here a little sooner. She is getting to that point in her pregnancy when discomfort is just part of everyday life.

We are all looking forward to meeting this new addition. Nico’s aunties are excited as well as his big sister. Luna, who refers to him as Peanut at the moment, has informed me that she plans to change Nico’s diapers and watch Sesame Street and Peppa Pig with him. I expect they’ll be doing much more than that together before their childhood is over.

I wish little Nico a happy and safe transition into this world. We will all be waiting to see his little face. I can tell him that he is lucky to have such a sweet and loving big sister waiting to show him the ropes. He will be in good hands as Miss Luna guides him through the rough spots.

Until tomorrow…

baby-shower-card-boy (1)

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