Well, it finally caught up with me. A  relentless headache joined the deep cough and sent me straight to bed. This morning Ray and I got up and got ready for church then we both started coughing. He said, “People are going to be really happy to see us.”  I thought of the collective germs we were going to spread. “Maybe we shouldn’t go.”  Five minutes later I was back in my pjs and lying on the couch with a blanket over me. I spent all day right there. Ray was stationed in a chair nearby with his own blanket. This evening we headed upstairs and watched tv in bed. We haven’t done much else besides watch old movies and rest. 

My cough is better, my headache is not. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow all will be well. I hope so. 

We have been on the constant move for the past several weeks. We have been to Texas, Ojai and to Salt Lake City. I have had some version of this same illness for at least two weeks. I decided today to see if just stopping everything will give my body a chance to recover. I hope so. I am tired of feeling yucky. 

Going to sleep now. Time for more rest. 



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