Ojai with Luna

Ray and I needed to come up to Ojai today to do some work related to our estate business. We both are still coughing, but today was 65 degrees and beautiful up here. The best part was that we got to bring granddaughter Luna with us and she is also spending the night. This is quite a treat since it is tough for Luna’s mom and dad to share her for an overnight. They miss her too much. So today is extra special since it is fairly rare. 

Luna and the dogs all fell asleep around 6:30. We have been walking constantly all around the orange grove today and there has been a lot to do during the day time hours. However once the sun set at 5:05, then pitch darkness was not far behind. We scurried around, ate dinner early and then settled in the Airstream by 6. After all, there is not a lot going on in the middle of an orange grove in the dark. Now Luna and the dogs are conked out and Ray is looking pretty drowsy as well. If the truth be told, I am struggling to keep my eyes open, too. 

So on that note, I will say good night. After all, it is almost 7 and I still don’t feel all that well. Another long night’s sleep can do no harm. 

Sleep well, my friends. 


                       Luna Playing   

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