Ojai Today

We are settling into our time here at the Orange grove in Ojai. Time is slowing down as it does the minute we get here and all pressing “have-to’s” simply drop away. Instead, there is a lot of sitting and chatting and generally doing nothing until it’s time to think about the next meal. That meal has a basic requirement: quick and relatively easy. This is followed by more sitting and chatting.

I did have to work with one student today. She has a December 1st deadline on two essays. She lives in Woodland Hills so we agreed to meet at a Starbucks halfway between Ojai and her house. We spent four and a half hours crafting a compelling scholarship essay and also a “Why BU?” essay. Both turned out very well, particularly the scholarship essay. It feels exceptional, which, of course, is the goal. Fingers are crossed.

Below are two pictures. One is of our campfire tonight and the other is of the moon.

Sleep well

my friends. I will check back


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