First to LA and Now Ojai

Ray and I are now in the Airstream in Ojai after a brief stop at our home in LA to gather up a few provisions and our dogs. Our rush since we just flew in this morning from the Lone Star State?  We have friends from Texas arriving tonight with our second Spartan trailer (1953) in tow.  

This is Scott and Amy Ellis and their three girls, the same people who were kind enough to bring out the Airstream from Texas for us last summer. They again are making a vacation of the trip. I believe they have already visited Carlsbad Caverns and the Biosphere on this trip. We are grateful because Scott is one of the few people we know who is willing to pull a 35 foot trailer half way across the U.S.  That makes it great for us and , hopefully, a memorable family vacation for them. 

We are expecting them around ten tonight. We will help them get hooked up and settled. I imagine they will be pretty worn out since that trip is long. They left last Friday  afternoon. In fact, they left Sherman before I even arrived there for my weekend visit. A rather strange sensation since I would look over at their house and say to Ray, “Scott and Amy are heading to see us but we are here.”  Alas, we live in the era of the jet plane. Amazing in some very real ways. 

The Ellis family will join our family and a few friends for our holiday gathering here in Ojai. We are trying out a camping Thanksgiving. It should be interesting since we have our relatives from Utah coming, plus our kids and then some of their friends. Lots of fun. I am thinking we will see how a turkey cooks in our camper stove. Like I said, this could be interesting. My son-in-law has already volunteered to bring a ham. Probably a wise choice for the meat eaters in the crowd. Just in case…

I hope all is well with you, dear reader. If you know quick and easy recipes that can be made for an outdoor gathering, please share. 

I will check back in with you tomorrow. 

          From the Summer Trip  

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