Fort Worth, DFW and Tex-Mex

Ray and I are currently sprawled out on a makeshift pallet on the floor of the Fort Worth condo. Our plane leaves at 7 am and we are heading in that direction at 4:30 since we have to return a rent car and it is DFW, which means a huge airport and a very long bus ride from the rent car center to all the terminals. Let’s just hope the security line isn’t too long. 

Ray is feeling better. He is already asleep and actually not coughing. This is a great improvement. We both might get a better night sleep tonight. 

Tonight we ate at Blue Mesa restaurant here in Fort Worth on University. I can highly recommend this Mexican food spot. The green sauce is wonderful and they have grilled vegetables that are worth the trip all on their own. I had a chile rellano that was filled with yams and goat cheese instead of all cheese and it was delicious. Also, I had a spinach enchilada covered in green sauce that will keep me coming back every time I am in Fort Worth. Not to go on and on, but Blue Mesa also serves fried sweet potato chips along with tortilla chips. That might be a good enough reason to go right there. 

Here is a picture of the chips. Sorry, no photo of the main meal. I forgot until it was too late. 

Happy Sunday to you.  I hope you’ve had a good day. 

I will be checking back in tomorrow. 

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