A New Bedmate Tonight

I have a visitor this evening – my sweet youngest daughter, Rachael. So nice to have her here. She is my little snuggle bunny tonight since Ray is out of town. She and my two constant snuggle partners, Cordie and Frankie, will keep me company on this Saturday night.

We had our homeless breakfast this morning. Our church kitchen is being renovated so we just had cereal, pre-packaged muffins, pre-packaged egg and cheese bagels, yogurt and fruit. No cooking and no clean up. The food was nothing like our normal homemade breakfast with eggs, potatoes with cheese, meat, bread pudding and fruit, but it was good to shake things up a bit. Being one of the kitchen people, I often don’t get as much time out among our patrons. Today, all of us kitchen folks got to come out and fraternize a bit. A nice change.

Rachael and the two dogs are already fast asleep. I would like to join them very soon since I’ve been up since 5:15 this morning. I am already in bed and ready to turn off lights. No, it’s not late, but that’s okay. A little beauty sleep never hurt anyone.

I hope you all sleep well, my friends. We’ll be talking again tomorrow. Until then…


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