An Update on Frankie – Our New Rescue

My day with our new doggie was eventful. I have gone on three walks. This is up from none. Yes, I know this is a good thing. Frankie practically prances when she walks she is so happy. It makes me happy just to see her spirits so high. Besides, it’s the only sure way to get her to stop and do her business outside.


Frankie is supposedly house broken, but the woman from BFF K-9’s said to treat her like she’s not so that she gets the new lay of the land. So, she’s been on the leash next to me all day or in the chair with me when I’m seeing my students. Once an hour I take her outside for a pee or poop. Unfortunately, that isn’t working as effectively as a walk around the block. I guess that’s good. I have needed an excuse to get up and out.

Frankie is now curled up between Ray and me on the bed. Cordie is about a foot and a half away. I believe we have the makings of best friends between these two dogs. Frankie is so little and meek she is not even producing Cordelia’s normal Alpha dog treatment. Cordie, in fact, let Frankie sit with me today without as much as one single accusatory bark. Nope. She jumped up on the couch and went to sleep.


So, I guess the news is so far, so good with our new little rescue. She is so grateful to be here that it just makes me smile to see her. Her little tail is wagging 90 times a minute. She looked particularly happy when I added a little chicken skin to her dry food. I don’t want to upset her tummy, but she needs to put some weight on. She is a wisp.


We spoke to the rescue woman today. She was just checking in. She said, “I thought this was going to be a perfect match. I am pleased to hear that I was right.”

On that note, I’ll bid you adieu. Sleep well, as will I. After all, I’ll be heading around the block tomorrow morning probably at some ungodly hour.

Talk again tomorrow.


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