A New Dog in the Family

Love at first sight.

Ray was right. Another dog can be a good idea.

Here is Frankie, aka Gwen.



She is 1 1/2 years old. A Schnauzer/Scottie mix. She was one day away from being put down when BFF K-9 rescued her. She had a chicken bone stuck in her soft palette and couldn’t eat. She has already gained several pounds since she’s been in foster care for the past month.

Already wagging her tail and snuggling.

Cordelia is being gentle with her and curious. I can imagine they’ll be playing in just a few days.

Sammie had been sick for a while so Cordie hasn’t had a playmate in a while. Frankie looks as if she’s going to give Cordelia a chance to run and play.

Here they are on our bed.


I am happy. Looks as if life is going to perk back up. Love begets love. I didn’t think I was ready, but this girl needs a good home. I’ll be happy if we’re able to give her that.

Sleep well, my friends.


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