Dog News

First, let me say that we have finished Sammie’s grave at the orange grove. We had a round stone on top, but now the concrete one has gone on and it is now decorated.

Ray wrote to some friends:

It is in a very peaceful spot in Ojai. I had to make the dog prints on the left with a stone and my fingers. We tried with Cordelia, on the right, but only got toenails. The little hearts are dog treats that Sammie loved. They will disintegrate and leave little heart imprints. Gregorio put the “S” sideways, for some reason. But, it is cool, as it looks like most of the sign for infinity. We planted Hobbit Jade around the grave, and will put a little mulch on it next time to give it a finished look. A good memorial for a sweet little friend.

Here is a picture.


Second, we have passed our home visit for the BFF K9 Rescue people. We are going tomorrow to meet “Gwen.” This requires driving an hour and a half south to a rendezvous spot where we will meet the rescue woman. She lives in Northern San Diego.


We will be taking Cordelia to meet the new dog.

Right now, Cordelia is snuggled between Ray and me in bed. Ray is rubbing her neck.

Tomorrow, we’ll see if Gwen (we will be changing her name, by the way, if we take her) is right for our family.

Wish us luck.

Sleep well, friends. I’ll be checking in tomorrow with news of our rendezvous.

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