Orange Grove Hours

It is 6:23 pm and Ray and I have already eaten and showered. We are cozy in the Airstream since it is now pitch dark in the orange grove. Ray is curled up with Cordelia and looks as if he may actually already be asleep back in the bedroom. I am sitting at the table in the kitchen, which is five feet from the living room.  Oh, wait. Ray is now sitting up and is reading on his phone. I was wondering just how many hours he was going to sleep if he conked out at 6:30. Ha. 

Today was a calm and peaceful day. I spent most of it catching up on bills and just puttering around the Orange grove attending to minor things. I also got a badly needed haircut. I have had a crazy busy last few weeks so this do-nothing day was a necessity. I woke up this morning and after taking one look at me Ray said, “How about you stay in bed as long as you want? I’ll go get you some coffee.”  I guess I must have looked a little worn out. 

The good news is that being at the Orange grove is like a restorative. The day was perfect: 72 degrees with blue skies. The only sounds I heard were birdsong and an occasional dog bark. Sometimes there are whinnies from horses and a rare hee-haw from a far-away donkey, but today even they were quiet. I think the lack of man made sounds like cars, horns, and construction equipment (they are building everywhere in West Hollywood right now) is what makes being here so restful. That and simply spending the majority of time outside among the orange trees. That surely doesn’t hurt. 
Right now we are listening to Classical KUSC. Hearing this glorious classical music may also be a reason I emerge from even a short time here as if I have been on a ten day vacation to anywhere else. 

Ray just called out, “We have to get up in 11 hours and 10 minutes.”  Oh my, I better hurry to bed!

I hope you are all having a pleasant evening. I wish you a restful sleep. 

I will be checking back in with you tomorrow.

 Here is my cozy spot in the         Airstream kitchen.   

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