Back in Ojai

Ray and I just arrived in Ojai. We have Cordelia with us, of course. It is 10:30 pm. We decided to come on up tonight because we are working here beginning early tomorrow morning. We figured it would be easier to wake up here rather than get up in the dark in the morning to drive up. I can’t pretend that it isn’t  a bit sad to be here without Sammie. I am used to her scampering into the Airstream and settling in under the table. Instead she is buried an acre away. Tomorrow we will go visit her grave.

It is fifty degrees now, due to dip to forty-three tonight. We are all set with a heater going in the Airstream plus lots of covers on the bed. I am looking forward to sleeping under those covers. As for Cordelia, given she is a Welsh corgi, she is good to temperatures as low as 25 degrees. 

I had a full, but good day with my students. This morning, Michael, my writing friend, came over for a couple of hours. I wrote a pivotal scene in my work-in-progress. That felt exciting. I did not anticipate what happened, which is just plain fun when that occurs. I suppose my motto on this novel is slow but sure. So far that has been true. I  am open to speeding up a bit as my student schedule settles down. 

We are listening to classical music from KUSC. One of the best aspects of this Airstream is an unexpectedly good sound system. Who knew or even would have suspected?

On that note, let me say good night, my friends. I hope your evening is a good one. I will be checking back in tomorrow. Until then, take care. 

        Our home away from home.  

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