Another Dog…When Is Right?

Ray has already called a rescue center “inquiring” about another dog. He’s worried about Cordelia; afraid that she is feeling a bit at loose ends without Sammie. I understand his point. Cordie is such a herder, and she herded Sammie all the time, she may feel a little lost not having a canine friend to guide.

Ray has spoken to people at the BFF Canine Rescue. He saw a half Scottie/half Schnauzer named Gwen who is 1 1/2 years old. The rescue people apparently require a home visit. I’m not totally clear on the process. I would need to spend time with Gwen and also have Cordie spend time with her before making a decision. I guess we’ll see what the rescue people say about the process and the timeline and go from there.

Right now, I’m happy to just have Cordelia alone for a bit longer, but I do understand Ray’s point. I guess we’ll see.

If anyone has any wisdom regarding this, please chime in. I am open to hearing thoughts on this topic.

Thanks. Talk tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Another Dog…When Is Right?”

  1. We have waited for another dog and also gotten one rather quickly. This last time when Tom left for Australia after declaring “I do not want a second dog.” I brought one home the next day. In all cases it was the right decision. The younger rescue sounds like a good decision. Cordelia looked so sad in your recent family pictures.

  2. It is hard on all beings when a loved one is gone.
    Your dog may or may not miss his companion.
    You will have to watch and see.
    What I do suspect is that it is Ray who wants another dog.
    My advice-do not rush the decision.
    The right choice for all will become apparent in time.
    If you do adopt a new friend, please share a photo.
    Marion from California

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