Rest in Peace, Beloved Sammie

Sammie's Grave

Today our sweet Sammie, our Scottish terrier who has been ailing for a while, died peacefully on our back patio. Ray, Cordelia (our Corgi) and I were there with her as she slipped away. Cordelia licked Sammie’s eyes and her mouth, and then started barking. She looked at us as if to say, “Do something!” We just pulled Cordie close as we patted Sammie. Sometimes there is nothing else to be done.

Ray, Cordelia and I made the trek up to Ojai this afternoon with Sammie’s body. We already had a grave ready up there so I cancelled my afternoon students so we could head right up. On the way, our friend and priest Ian called. We all had a good cry over the speaker phone and then he said a prayer for Sammie. I am forever grateful that Ian is such an animal lover. He is very sensitive when a pet dies. A lovely quality, I would say.

Once in Ojai, Ray and I, along with Cordie, said a final goodbye to Sammie, then placed her, wrapped in a blanket, in her grave. After we covered her up with the dirt that was piled next to the grave, I said a short prayer. Then Ray placed a heavy round stone on top of the grave to keep coyotes from disturbing Sammie’s body. We used small stones to make an “S” on top.

Burying Sammie at the orange grove – a place she loved – seemed right. I’m glad we made that decision.

May light perpetual shine upon your soul, little Sammie girl. You have been one jewel of a dog. We have been lucky to have you in our lives.


12 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Beloved Sammie”

  1. Crying tears on an extremely rainy day. It reminds me of the line from “Blade runner,” “like tears in the rain.” I’ve celebrated the passing of way too many animals to respond any other way. Thank goodness death doesn’t seem to be feared by animals like it is by most humans. My heart goes out to you as you learn to live life without her.

  2. Our hearts hurt when we lose our precious pet family members. I know you are grateful for the time you had together. Hugs to you all and little Cordelia.

  3. My heart empathises with the loss of Sammie. I offer my condolences to both you and Ray. I love the picture of Sammie standing on the beach. He brought such joy and love to your house. Hold each other dear.

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