A Glimpse at My Day

I am back in Ojai today with Ray and our friend, Darrah, from Texas. Organizing, cleaning, and also working on some furniture. The weather was clear with a nice breeze. This is all outside work so the weather matters. We are lucky to have had such pleasant temperatures while we tackle these tasks.

Tomorrow morning we’ll wrap up our work here and head back to LA. I have students all afternoon. Ray and Darrah are going to do some work at our house there. In the evening, we head to Barnsdall Art Center where I am participating in an art show with the theme of The Day of the Dead. I will surely be writing about my contribution tomorrow so I’ll wait to go into detail about that then.

The night is cool. The moon is out. I can hear crickets and the faraway sound of an airplane. We will head to bed early since we plan to get an early start tomorrow to finish up all of our projects.

Last night, I drove back from LA, arriving at 10. Darrah had long since gone to bed and Ray was dozing when I arrived. He fell straight to sleep the minute he saw I was safe. Working in the sun and moving lots of stuff from one place to another has the tendency to wear you out.

Coyotes woke me up twice last night. They sounded close. Our dogs were safely inside. Believe it or not, our Sammie is still with us. She is thin, but she’s still eating and barking and following Cordelia from place to place. As soon as she begins to actively ail, then we’ll consider Plan B. But for today, she is just fine.

On that note, I’ll say good night. Sleep well, my friends. I’ll check back in with you tomorrow.


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