Sitting in the Dark at the Orange Grove

I am sitting in my car at the orange grove stealing WiFi from my Ojai neighbor (she knows that I do this and is okay with it). It is almost ten at night. It is DARK here. I wish I could take a picture to let you see just how dark it is. Probably not possible, but I may try.

We will be working here for the next few days. Our friend, Darrah Dunn, is here from Texas to help us. We are all old hands at working together since Darrah has been part of many past projects we’ve tackled in Texas including two Victorians and the Dutch Colonial restorations. We appreciate his presence.

This is short and sweet. Ray just arrived in our van and passed where I am parked on the road on the land. (Darrah and I drove up together earlier this evening.) Darrah is already fast asleep in the Airstream since he arose well before dawn to fly from Dallas. In an effort to be somewhat hospitable before we start work tomorrow, today we went around to various cemeteries in LA (his request) to see the graves of some of the famous television and movies stars of old. We had lots of fun. Darrah seemed pleased.

Off I go. I need to go back and see how Ray and the dogs are faring.

Sleep well. I’ll be talking with you again tomorrow.

This is not my picture, but it is close to what I can see here at night.

However, there are more stars here!

night sky

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