The Martian: Well Worth Seeing!

We just returned from seeing The Martian in 3D. I must say this was an especially entertaining movie. Matt Damon carries this movie completely and does so aptly, which is quite a compliment since he is alone for a good portion of the movie. The supporting cast is strong, the science fascinating, the look at NASA and JPL inspiring and the vision of life on another planet believable. The whole movie feels as if it is ushering in a new space age in which we can reasonably consider colonization to other planets within our lifetimes. I certainly never thought I’d be saying that in my lifetime, but if this movie is any indicator of where science is going, then it looks as if it could happen in not too many years to come.

Whether or not that is the case, what is true is that this movie is worth paying real money to go and see in a theater. Certainly do not wait to watch this one on television. The 3D aspect is great and the story truly needs the big screen.

I highly recommend The Martian and I will not be surprised if the movie and Matt Damon get Academy Award nominations. I felt as though I was watching a fine collective effort to produce an exceptional film. What a treat.


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