Heat and El Nino

Here I sit at 10:10 in the evening with two fans whirring and all the windows open. The heat is still with us, folks, here in LA. We are all counting the minutes til we get a nice westerly breeze from the ocean and we return to our beloved Southern California weather, which only varies between 70 – 75 degrees.

We are heading back down. It’s due to be 85 degrees tomorrow and even get to 78 on Sunday. But, if you can believe it, the temperature next Tuesday is back up to 88 and next Wednesday is supposed to be 92. Where in the heck did fall go? I don’t ever recall this many days in OCTOBER when we were saddled with sweltering heat.

On another note, discussions about our El Nino winter are abounding in every sector. Radio, television, private conversations, people are abuzz about the rain that is coming. The city is preparing, citizens are being encouraged to get their sandbags now and get them set up on drought-ridden hillsides, community meeting are being advertised to get “El Nino Ready.” We are all hopeful for the rain and nervous about the flooding. Alas, SoCal as a whole knows that too much rain is better than no rain, despite the problems that flooding might cause.

As you can tell, weather is on my mind this evening. After years of the same perfect weather every day, I guess we Southern Californians are joining the rest of the world in our weather preoccupation. I just want to have cool enough temperatures to justify wearing a sweater for an evening. Maybe in November…

Good night, my friends. I hope you’re staying cool and comfortable.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.


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