The World of a Real Collector

We had the pleasure of visiting some collector friends of ours today here in LA. Their names are Nick and Lynn and the pictures below are from their converted garage and upstairs apartment.

Collectors are a wild and wonderful bunch of folks. They take pleasure in the buying and displaying of their favorite collections, and almost equal pleasure in selling these prized possessions when the time is right. They usually make a good deal of money in this enterprise because antique collectors are known to do their homework.

When Ray introduced me to the antique world thirty-five years ago, little did I know that my life would expand in such a profound way. I went from being almost entirely internal in my thinking (I was raised by a psychologist, after all) to someone who can luxuriate in the richness of color, texture, pattern and design. What a gift.

The world of antiques and collectables is filled with interesting people who come from all walks of life. I have met antique dealers who have had almost no education, but who know everything there is to know about whatever antiques they sell; I’ve known millionaire dealers and/or collectors who still have a spring in their step at 85 because the hunt gives them a reason to get up every morning.

I feel fortunate to have a husband who introduced me to this world. I would have missed out on so much, from 15 years of trips to New England three times per year, to rising at 4 in the morning to get the best buys while it was still dark at a flea market, to restoring and furnishing three historically interesting homes to handling estates for others who need our expertise to get the money they deserve for their antiques and collectables.

So, here’s to Nick and Lynn and all the other collectors out there who continue to make my life richer and more interesting. Embrace life is the motto of antiquers near and far. You will never find an unhappy collector when they’ve stumbled upon a rare find and you’ll never hear one complain if it’s cold and raining at 6 am if they have hope of finding something special at an outdoor market. Old and young, rich and poor, the joy of the hunt gets them up and moving no matter the time, no matter the weather.

They are indeed a rare and wonderful breed.

Nick and Lynn’s General Store: Candy Counter


The General Store


Another Angle


The Drug Store


Marilyn’s Bedroom


A Wall Full Of Marilyn


Marilyn Plates




Other Antiques and Collectables

The Staircase Going Up to Marilyn’s Room


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