Back in the City

We are back at home after two days in Ojai. What a switch from almost no sound at night except for coyotes versus driving through Hollywood with hundreds of people on the street and lots of neon. It doesn’t take long to get used to that more rural experience.

We were in Hollywood because we went to our pottery class this evening at Barnsdall Art Center. This is a slab class so we were not using wheels to throw pots. Instead we were busying rolling out clay or pinching it into different shapes. I made two pots, Ray made one, Liz made a bowl and glazed a piece she’d already had fired. Ron, Liz’s boyfriend, joined us while we worked. We haven’t gotten to see him lately so that was a treat.

Now we are back home and the house is quiet. I can hear cars roaring up and down Doheny Drive, but it won’t be long before they die away. Even the heart of the city has to sleep at some point.

On that note, I’ll take myself upstairs to sleep. We worked hard at Ojai, but we got accomplished what we had planned. Now I am ready for a nice long night’s rest.

Talk tomorrow, my friends. Sleep well.


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