Making Tough Decisions 

Ray and I have worked our little tushes to the bone today going through our estate inventory and assessing, organizing and making the tough decision of what to sell versus what to donate. 

We have handled five estates this past year and there inevitably are pieces that simply haven’t sold or will not sell anytime soon because of their value or lack thereof on the antique market. So, today, we bit the bullet on several of those pieces and headed down to Restore, the Habitat for Humanity resale store, to make a donation. The bad news is that we don’t make a commission on these pieces, but the good news is that the owner gets a tax write off and we get back some of our storage space.

 Of course, we work like the dickens to sell absolutely everything, but, alas, there are just some pieces that will languish long past the date that makes sense for us to keep them. Now those pieces are at Restore, where, hopefully, they will find a new home soon. 
Needless to say, all that assessing, organizing and donating is extremely physical; so here we sit at  7:25 in the evening, already bathed and ready for bed. There have been a few Advil taken, as well. 

I know several people who handle estates and I believe it is fair to say that we all treat the objects entrusted in our care with a sense of respect. After all, someone’s household is symbolic of their life. I believe this is a bit of a calling for those of us who are asked to handle and honor the parts of another person’s life that are so highly personal. So tonight Ray and I are feeling tired but happy. We have been diligent in our trust and have taken the next step. 

On that note I will close. Time for bed in this lovely cool Ojai weather.

Talk again tomorrow. Stay well, my friends.  
Here are a few pictures of the Orange grove this evening at sunset. 


2 thoughts on “Making Tough Decisions ”

  1. This is definitely hard work. We are attempting to lighten our estate load here. That being said, I am looking for a lamp 24″ to 30″ tall to place near and antique Victorian love seat. I want something that is not breakable, metal not glass. Please keep me in mind should such and object become available.

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