Heading Up Ventura Highway 

Ray and I are on our way to Ojai. We need to work there tomorrow related to our estate business so we are heading up this evening. It is supposed to get down to 51 degrees there tonight, so we both felt that to miss those cool temperatures would be a shame after all the heat LA has been experiencing lately. We are looking forward to covers piled high when we sleep in the Airstream tonight. 

Not that it was that easy to mobilize to leave…

We worked this afternoon on marketing our estate merchandise and it might have been easy to just get up early in the morning to drive to Ojai. But the lure of that peaceful grove can wrest even the most resistant soul out of his/her complacency and send them scurrying for just a few clothes to toss into a bag. Alas, that would be me this evening after I finished up the last of my work.  
We will arrive around 9 with the dogs. Luckily, everything is in place so we don’t have to do much once we get there.  Coming tonight means we get to sleep later tomorrow morning, a good motivator since it may be a bit chilly there in the early am. 

So, currently we are sailing up 101 North. Traffic is light this time of night so that makes it nice. I can now just settle back and enjoy the the ride. My work is done for today. 

Sleep well, my friends. I hope you had a good Sunday. I wil check back in tomorrow. 


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